Verba Shadow Theatre

The Shadow Theater VERBA - Made in Ukraine! The creative path of the VERBA team began in 2010. Discovering the genre of the shadow theater and being inspired by an unfamiliar form of art before, a group of enthusiasts was the first in Ukraine to create their own shadow show. The experiment with the play of light, shadow and plasticity of the human body proved to be more than successful. Under the name of the Shadow Theater Fireflies team came on the stage of the television talent show "Ukraine got talent." The Ukrainian spectator very warmly accepted a new genre and artists. In the next 5 years, the shadow group with the help of constant creative search and professional growth managed to make itself known not only in the native Ukraine but also far beyond its borders. Due to the artists of the Fireflies, the audience of such tv-show as "Mam Talent" (Poland), "Das Supertalent" (Germany), "Minute of Glory" (Russia), "France Digital Talent" (France), as well as many other countries and the cities in which the theater managed to visit with tours and performances (China, Qatar, Azerbaijan, Oman, Turkey, Bulgaria, Armenia) now is knowing about such genre. In 2015, the disintegration of the former team and participation in the talent show "Romanii au Talent" (Romania) led to the creation of a new project called VERBA. The change of name, concept and team became a new step in the development of shadow theater from Ukraine. The artists started the show's talent in Romanian with the idea of popularizing native country in the world's creative space. Romania with great interest and support meet the shadow theater VERBA, which allowed the team to become finalists of the show. The audience was impressed by the unexpected visual form, in which the artists presented the world-famous love story from the movie "Titanic." In just two years, the team created three full-length shadow shows - "Shadow Hollywood", "Kingdom of Shadows" and "Shadow Space". To participate in the talent show "Ukraine got talent" was created the first in Europe shadow children's theater VERBA kids. Social video work "Save the Earth" about the importance of preserving nature has become a laureate of many film festivals.