Emma Quintin

Best known for her role in the award-winning BBC series TWEENIES, Emma’s professional, international career spans over 30 years. 

Born and raised in the beautiful city of Bath, UK, Emma began her professional training at The Dorothy Coleborn School of Dance and Drama and has since performed on TV, radio and theatre stages across the globe. Emma’s sheer passion and commitment to the industry has ensured that she has established herself not only as a versatile and adaptable performer but as a dedicated and diligent professional. Her wealth of experience along with her integrity within the profession makes her a well-respected and popular actor. 

Emma is a qualified Speech and Drama Specialist holding the LSDE Teacher’s Qualification from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) and regularly reviews and writes for WORD MATTERS, a publication of the Society of Teachers of Speech & Drama (STSD).  

She is also Warner Bros. first official female acting talent for the MENA region.  

Well-known as an experienced, versatile and dedicated actor, Emma continues to perform and skilfully weaves her years of experience and learnings as an actor and educator into theatre-based corporate training sessions.  

As a trainer Emma is well known for her high-energy, clarity of instruction and her ability to build a strong rapport with audiences of all ages and fostering active participation. She has delivered successful corporate workshops for companies including UK Body Talk (UK) and The British Embassy (UAE).