Piotr Kopacz

Piotr is an Artist/Coach/Creative Director and currently living and working in Dubai. Before the pandemic, he was working for Cirque De Paname in Paris as an artist and artistic/acrobatic consultant for the new show "Le Monde de Jaleya". His main specialties as an Artist are Aerial Straps, Bungee Straps, Hand Balancing, and Aerial Pole. Currently, he works for a new cirque online global platform- CIRQO as an Aerial Straps trainer.

His performance combines a beautiful demonstration of power, strength, and agility, giving stunning visual aesthetics with incredible aerial acrobatics.

Piotr can create an amazing show because of the extensive experience he has as an Artist and Artistic coordinator. He knows the importance of performance and how it coincides with the acrobatic side. Piotr main goal is to create memorable moments for the spectators. In his shows, he provides spectacular scenes of breathtaking beauty and unforgettable entertainment that can be adapted to suit a wide range of events.