Chris Parkour DXB

Chris Sotiriou has been training broad fitness for the past 15 years and started getting into movement fitness through the vast discipline of parkour. Chris started his first step into the professional world of fitness in 2005 as a hobby by training few clients on freelance to finally quit his office job in 2009 and dedicate himself entirely to his passion, sport education. Certified from various fitness programs Chris worked for few years as a personal trainer and then master trainer for various international brands. In 2012 Chris join as a leading partner the world's largest parkour organization Parkour Generations, and co-opened Parkour Generations Asia. Co Ltd. Chris has been since a driving force of parkour in Asia. PKG Asia delivers parkour certification ADAPT and workshops all over Asia. PKG Asia opened the first parkour academy in Bangkok and in Seoul and provides teaching services to the private sectors (gyms, individuals, schools) and to the public sector including numbers of international schools. For the last three years Chris has been introducing Parkour and Movement-based training to the fitness industry. With the PKG Asia team, he introduced parkour as a world premiere to a Fitness Convention in 2012 at the Asia Fitness Convention" (Thailand). He has since been attending multiple conventions around the world including AFC 2013-2014, IFEX (Indonesia) 2014, Fit Camp (Germany)2014, Honk Kong Workshop 2014, Nike Convention 2015 (China). Following the massive success of Parkour within the fitness industry a he has been working with his team on a new concept marrying the perfect workout based on parkour principles but designed for indoor facilities and adapted for a broader crowd of fitness enthusiasts: MOV’ programs, the missing link of Fitness. He is now based in Dubai spreading his passion for fitness & movement and offering fitness services in the UAE.