Carly Athawes Mermaid

"From meet and greets to shows and aquariums. I love to make magic happen and fill peoples hearts with imagination and excitement." ​ Mermaid Carly has a Freediving qualification and experience in both performing on land and in the water. Mermaid Carly, Known as The Dubai Mermaid. Has been a performer all her life. Its her passion Some of her jobs have included performing in Shows in a 5metre Tank at a Water Park, as well as Swimming in Aquariums. Her appearances include Dubai Atlantis Aquarium and Dubai Mall Aquarium. Ritz Carlton Spa Opening, Various Events at Monte Carlo Beach Club, Lava Beach Club Opening and plenty of Private Parties. "I have been so fortunate to be involved in a number of events and parties. I love to create magic and sparkle. " So if you want to add that special touch to your event. Mermaid Carly always goes down a splash!