SharQ Orchestra

In 2008, Mohamad created the SharQ Orchestra. His vision was to perform traditional Arabic music with a full symphony orchestra.

As an ensemble musician, solo musician, director, and composer, he has enjoyed a career of diverse successes. He has performed with over 15 ensembles during his career. His work has been featured on countless recordings, including for "Teta" Movie among others. He has worked with one of the top producers in the U.K., Kipper Eldridge, who has produced numerous other famous artists, like Sting. He also worked with Ann Carr-Boyd with Studio 301 in Australia in 2014-2015, to record several inter-cultural collaborations.

He has performed and directed sold out concerts with the SharQ Orchestra at established venues like Madinat Jumeirah Theatre and DUCTAC Dubai. He has played before hundreds/thousands of people at DFC, Marina, Dubai Ports, The Galleria Abu Dhabi, Norfolk USA. In addition to performing solos with the SharQ Orchestra, he has recorded his own solo album, In Paradise,He strongly believes  that through music, citizens of the world can overcome hardship, devastation, and strife, and create peace and harmony. To that end, for many years, he has used my music to promote and benefit international charities, nonprofit organizations, and philanthropic endeavors.