Sam Tring

Sam Tring, with her vibrant red-hair, boho-chique style and South London roots, uses a mixture of influences to create her own unique style. Her rich vocal tones and jazzy melodic musical choices gives her soul-pop sound a distinct edge.

Having travelled the treasure-trove of countries that she dreamed to explore in Europe after her musical studies at ACM (The Academy Of Contemporary Music) in Guildford- she then moved abroad completely on her own at just 21 without knowing a soul and is now brimming to tell her story through her music. Her love and passion for singing blossomed at a young age and took her parents by surprise when they found cassette tapes she'd recorded on her first karaoke machine which she begged to be given as a birthday gift at the age of 7- it was only then they realised her unrelenting love for singing. 

Her early loves were the classic little girl pop crushes that hit the scene when she was growing up in the mid to late 90's pop. But developing as an artist she felt an underlying deep adoration for Jazz, Soul and Blues- especially Contemporary jazz artists who mix other influences to create their own sound such as Esperanza Spalding, Gretchen Parlato and Lianne Li Havas.​ 

Sam has now dedicated herself, on a more serious note, to the deep, dark and rollercoaster-like twists of her 20's with more complex vocal attack and a range of inspirations under her belt from the past few years. She continues to jot down any lyrical ideas or melodic nuggets that come to her whilst she's out and about leading life and is almost ready to push a brand new, extremely personal first 5-track EP.