Olena Kolibaba

Olena Kolibaba is a professional violinist with successful performing career, composer and artist. 

Being a 6 years old child Olena entered a music & art school in Mariupol (Ukraine) where she started taking violin, piano and visual arts classes. After many years of countinious practice in music, winning awards in variety of regional and international music competitions, Olena realized her huge passion in music, especially violin and by the age of 15 she decided to build her career path in music field so she continued her music education at Kyiv Special Music School named by M.Lysenko. In June 2016 Olena seccessfuly graduated from Tchaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine and obtained Bachelor in two majors: violin performance and music culturology. 

Since 2015 Olena shares her performances in Europe and since 2016 in UAE.

Olena's music taste and performing style represents combination of sophisticated classical genres with electronic, jazz music, improvisation and she creates her own compositions and performs with looper station as well.

Besides performing career Olena also is violin and piano instructor beloved by her students, and an artist. She has 2 years experience as a music instructor at the Kyiv Government Music school No.3 (Ukraine) and 1.5 years as a piano&violin instructor at the Music Hub (Abu Dhabi,UAE). As an artist Olena held two induvidual exhibitions: Kyiv (May, 2015), Abu Dhabi (June 2019)