La Marca

La Marca is an international company established in Dubai, UAE, focuses on the music, dancers and all about entertainment to innovate and make your events unforgettable. Their particular repertoire combines elements from different cultures such as Latin, Spanish, Brazilian, European and American, therefore their swing is rich in world sounds and rhythms. This beautiful blend accompanied by its characteristic dances is sensual. Lq Marca makes a crowd-pleasing band that gives its audience musical essence and transmits energy to produce true artistic entertainment!

Daiana, is a recognized professional singer and dancer from Colombia: who with her charisma, beauty, wide range of experience and unique talent offers memorable exciting performances. She started her musical formation at a young age, obtaining experience in different genres. She has been part of numerous musical bands and has competed in various international beauty and talent contests and festivals. She has been in Dubai 5 years performing in different places such as Atlantis, JW Marriott, Andalucia Tapas & Grill, Savage Garden among others.

Julian is a professional singer and recognized pianist from Colombia, who has worked with international standard orchestras globally. His first steps in music at an early age give him 20+ years of live singing and musician experience on stage. He has lead major musical productions as a singer in addition to performance competitions. He has been in Dubai 10 years now.