Joseph Terterian

Born in Damascus, Syria with Armenian origins, he started showing musical preferences in music and singing at the early age of four.

He started studying music by learning the violin at the age of six, at Sulhi Al Wadi conservatory. After graduating, he continued his musical studies specializing in opera singing at the High Institute of Music and Performing Arts in Damascus, under the tutelage of Rasha Rizk, Lubana Qintar and Arax Tchekidjian.

In 2008 he made his stage debut at the Syrian Opera House performing the role of Ormonte in the Baroque Opera Zenobia under the celebrations of Damascus The Arab Cultural City of that year, he also became a member of the Syrian rock band Anas & Friends.

In 2014 he took part in the international TV show with its Arabic version Arabs Got Talent getting the approval of all four celebrity judges. He also released his first single Shou Bitzakkar in that particular year.

In 2015 he participated as a solo singer with the Syrian female Orchestra Mary conducted by Maestro Raad Khalaf. His voice has captured the attention of many music connoisseurs who seek him to add his vocal talent to their work, his vocals were featured in many projects one of which was his notable performances on al Miftah Theme Song a Syrian TV Drama.