Eirini Devitt

Eirini is a Singer/Artist with a mixed background from the UK and Cyprus. She started her musical journey at a young age and obtained a full scholarship at Stella Mann Performing Arts College. Following her studies, she landed on a prestigious role in a touring Company of 'FAME The Musical'. She has experience performing at the Royal Albert Hall and the Wembley Arena. Over the past 2 years, Eirini has established herself in the Dubai Music Scene, performing in venues across the Emirate, such as 'Iris', 'Play', Soho Garden' and 'White Dubai".

Eirini has undergone years of professional training, gaining a Level 6 National Diploma in Musical Theatre at one of the UK's top Theatre colleges. Eirini's extensive dance training shines through her performances and gives her the 'pop star edge' on many of her competitors. 

She is currently working on her debut album of original music, focusing on her R&B/Funk style. She has a unique tone and depth to her voice with a soulful edge.

Vocal Range: 

Chest - Bottom C 

Chest top C / Head-Top C