DJ Jas

DJ Jas is an established and well sought-after female DJ in the UAE music scene and internationally. Currently resident at the infamous new spots in town like Bla Bla Beach and Yas Water World. She has been playing at international sporting events, high-end corporate events, bars, nightclubs, and 5-star hotels across the region and worldwide.

She recently smashed the international scene starting of playing for the AFC World Champions which was held in all emirates in 2019. From here she went on to play for over 50,000 people in Saudi Arabia and Tokyo for the AFC Champions League Finals. This put her on the map in Saudi Arabia with lots of press covering the story worldwide being the first female DJ to play in a stadium of this size and for bringing her immense energy to the stadium.

She Feeds off the energy from each gig she plays bringing 100% energy each time and reads the crowd to tailor-make the music to fit.