Benna Duo

The band’s name is inspired by the Tunisian word ‘Benna”, which means ‘Taste’s good’. The word describes how the two feel about their music and find it yummy, tasty, and enriching, as it is a merge of two different genres resulting in a beautiful harmonious blend that celebrates diversity and uniqueness in music. Benna Duo is the first band to represent two amazing down-to-earth female artists with their musical instruments and talents, which are enriched by their collective extensive experience, and their rooted authentic essence as artists and people. The Duo has performed and played in many occasions and events and have already achieved a lot of their dreams as musicians, and as a band, through their wonderful journey together. Some of the events and achievements they have been a part of or accredited for include playing at corporate weddings and festivals such as The Sharjah Festival, The Sikka Festival, and The Wasla Festival.