Bafoory Music

Mohammed Ali Abdulrahim Hassan Bafoory Alawadhi, widely known as BAFOORY, who is the very first Emirati rock artist. He is a passionate musician, who can also play guitar, piano, bass and drums. He is a multilingual singer who sings in English, Hindi and Arabic. He is an Emirati Rock artist based in Abu Dhabi, been in music since the age of 15, started performing live in 2013 and rocking the stages since then. He has performed all over the UAE in some of the big events like Umm Al Emarat - Mother Of The Nation Festival and TedX Youth at Sharjah AlQarayen. He also had the opportunity to perform the National Anthem with an orchestra band for the UAE National Day in 2016. He was fortunate enough to be invited to the Indian Embassy to perform in Hindi on the Independence Day celebrations and other major places like Sorbonne University of Paris, NYU Arts Center along side the Kuwaiti Band “Miami”. His recent big performance was for Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival this November, in which some of the well known entrepreneurs like Gary Veynerchuk did their talks. Currently, he is working on his first EP Album which is planned to be released on December 20th this year.