Aurora Laser Harp

Aurora is quite simply the most HighTech, Visually Stunning and Unique Show that combines the LaserHarp with custom designed Laser Graphics to give your audience a show they will never forget!

The LaserHarp is such a visual instrument to play, actually allowing music to be created with light! Combine that with powerful Laser Graphics projectors that emit beams that soar over the heads of your crowd and you have one of the most immersive visual experiences that a musician can produce.

Having performed at events all over the world including; Canada, The USA, The Caribbean, Italy, Spain, The UK and The Maldives Aurora Laser Harp can be tailored to meet the specific needs of you the client! Be it an intimate corporate dinner or the Launch of a new Phone, Aurora can be custom programmed and designed with limitless colours and possibilities to match the theme and branding of your company or event!

This artist is internationally based.