13 Daze

It was on a kite surfing beach in a small town on the Egyptian Red Sea coast back in 2008 where Gaz Hanford (lead vocals and guitar) felt the urge for a rock revolution with his comrades. From idling away by the sea, strumming guitars and playing at cool, underground venues, 13 Daze was born - quickly building up a loyal following and reputation.

13 Daze’s rock DNA is based on a high octane, experimental and deeply eclectic sound. Fusing tracks from Guns N’ Roses, Nirvana and Metallica with Dolly Parton, Elvis and the Backstreet Boys, 13 Daze marry the most unlikely sounds in music history, breathing new life to the genre and taking ownership of an entirely new sound.

In 2015, the 4-piece band was officially relocated to Dubai and has catapulted centre stage as Lock Stock & Barrel’s resident band – one of Dubai’s most awarded live music venues – putting on high energy performances three times a week to a rousing reception, gaining both regional and international recognition.