Sama Choir

Sama Quartet has been singing together since 2009. The members of the quartet come from various musical background, from classical vocal singing, to choral ensemble performance. These young men, who graduated from American University of Sharjah, UAE, all majored in different fields of study. SAMA was originally formed as a one-time educational quartet in September 2010 to sing in a unique style of “Barbershop Harmony”. Later in 2016, more members have joined Sama quartet, in which the group has renamed as Sama Choir.

The objective of the choir is to spread peace, meaningful words and topics through a unique singing art form whether in Arabic or English languages. Sama Choir is the 1st and the only group who uses the barbershop harmony style in gulf region, which is an unaccompanied vocal music, with 4 part voices, and each voice has a different role to complete a vocal chord.