Victor Sitali

Victor Sitali is an artist and painter from Zambia, who is based in Dubai. Although Sitali was born and raised in Zambia, he has been living and working in the UAE for over ten years. He has been hearing impaired since the age of three, and found a way to express his voice through painting seven years ago. Mentored by prolific artist Trevor Waugh from the United Kingdom in 2012 in oil and watercolour painting, Sitali is a figurative painter whose work focuses on portraits of African faces, birds, eyes, and landscapes. He primarily works with oil paints and acrylics on canvas, in addition to watercolours, pastels, and charcoal on paper. In March 2013, Sitali was awarded the ‘Best Artist’ and ‘Highly Recommended’ awards at the First Annual Ras al Khaimah (RAK) Fine Arts Festival. He also received an honorable mention among 1700 artists worldwide for the International Emerging Artists Award (IEAA) in 2012 - 2013. Sitali was most recently selected by the International Selection Committee at the 12th Florence Biennale to participate in the forthcoming edition of the contemporary art exhibition in October 2019.. To date, Sitali’s works have been exhibited in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, the Netherlands, and Ireland. Some of his most recent solo exhibitions include: Okongola, Galerie Lafayette Gourmet, City Walk, 2018 Afro Exhibition, Art Hub, Abu Dhabi, 2018 Okongola, Create Hub Gallery, 2017 Afro Exhibition, Jumeirah Golf Estate Clubhouse, 2017 Spoken Art, Art Couture, Dubai, August 2013 Confluence: A Journey Within, Bozana Milic Gallery, Zutphen, Netherlands, September 2012 Sitali attended Mawaheb from Beautiful People from 2011 to 2014. In 2017, he graduated from the SAE Institute in Dubai with a degree in Graphic Design. Today, he spends most of his time painting in the studio, and also conducting workshops on art and sign language in schools and art spaces across the UAE. His passion for painting and photography, as well as his portfolio, continue to grow. He has run oil painting and charcoal workshops at Soul Art and The Workshop Dubai, and has worked as a freelance photographer for arts and fashion events in the region since 2012.