Naseeba Sacranie

Naseeba is a professional in the Fashion and Live events industries with almost 20 years experience and an enviable portfolio and reputation. She has an impressive list of clients, brands and show credits both in the UK and internationally, she is often referred to as the queen of catwalk. Notorious for being unafraid to break conventions and pave new paths she is known for producing conceptual catwalk shows and Live brand experiences. As the founder of a pioneering London based events and catwalk show production agency Coops The Show Team. Naseeba and her team were responsible for numerous high-profile events, Awards shows, fashion shows, music festivals, and annual bridal shows featuring international designers and luxury brands. Currently between UK and the UAE. Naseeba is available to plug in any gaps within your teams in producing, choreographing or managing Fashion, Luxury and lifestyle events/shows.