Hala Abdullah

Hala Abdullah is a poet, performer, and a self-proclaimed radical feminist. Since the age of 15, Hala has only been able to find solace in writing. At 18 – desperate and lonely in her passions – Hala started the first Riyadh Writing Club with the help of her best friend, in search for solidarity and inspiration. The Writing Club provided a safe-haven for female writers in the country’s capital and encouraged them to dig deep in their literary and self-discoveries. Throughout the years, the club has expanded to Jeddah, Dubai, and Kuwait, and they have organized several poetry/literary events in the region. Having found that she likes performing her poetry as much as she does writing it, Hala delved into the world of spoken poetry and grasped at every opportunity to perform her poetry on stage.

Hala’s poetry has a heavy feminist theme to it. As a born-and-raised Arab woman, Hala has struggled in her fight for equal treatment, equal opportunity, and equal rights. Her poetry is both the medium and the message.

This artist is based in Saudi Arabia