Esther H

Esther H., also known as Drawnie/TheDrawnie, is a self-taught illustrator from Germany. She always had a passion to be creative and worked with lots of different media in a wide range of styles. Studying graphic design at Johannes-Gutenberg-Schule in Stuttgart helped her find her way to work digitally.
After a handful of internships Esther decided to teach herself the skillset she needed and find her own style, which eventually led her to the field of illustration.

For about 4 years now she has been live streaming her art on the platform Twitch, where she formed a community. On Twitch she also connected with other artists and some private clients.

Esther now loves to work with vibrant colours, experiment with textures and is still on her art journey.  Her art is heavily influenced by childrens book illustration, cute animations, folkart and anything nature has to offer. One thing is for sure: she finds great joy in making others happy with her colourful illustrations and is always eager to learn more.