Dennie Pasion

Born in England, Dennie is a veteran in the beauty, fashion and advertising industry. Her illustrious career has taken her around the world creating” the look” for male and female roles in shows, stills photography and TVC. Dennie is inspired by creativity and is passionate about triggers that will ignite a creative process, she developed project LoLA collaborating with artists from diverse disciplines enabling her to forecast trends in London and Los Angeles and consult for clients such as Coty, Quiksilver, Roxy and Rimmel.


Dennie built a retreat on a remote beach in Tanzania to encourage people to experience a tech detox and withdraw from electricity and wi fi to reduce stress and stimulate authentic creative thinking. Dennie has been a guest speaker for TedX Dubai. The beauty of small things. She has published two books, Making Faces & Notes from a hairdressers journal self published.