Simon Barnum

Simon started a dance career very early on where he was signed to a leading top London agency at just 8 years old. At 9 years, Simon was already on stage at the Old Vic Theatre performing in Bizet’s Carmen Jones singing and dancing alongside names such as Patti Bolaye, Sharon Benson, Gary Wilmot and Directed by Simon Callow.

Simon’s passion grew alongside his experience and after taking a year out, Simon returned to more intensive training for a further 2 years, more specifically towards the commercial dance industry and at 19 years old he was chosen to work for renowned Choreographer Paul Roberts as a dancer, for Atomic Kitten. Simon since travelled the world, and continued to work alongside many top choreographers and for many artists such as Michael Bublé, Tom Jones & Cerys Matthews, Pussycat Dolls, Take That,Boyzone, Sugababes, Emma Bunton, Mel C, and he even got to go on tour for many years with one of the UK’s top leading girl groups Girls Aloud from 2004 to 2010.

Simon’s Career progressed further as assistant choreographer to Elizabeth Honan and Michele Thorne working on productions such as X Factor (Live TV, and UK arena Tours), Cheryl Cole, The Voice of Ireland and Pop star to Opera Star for many years which in turn spurred on his passion to go further into Choreography and creating. Nowadays, Simon focuses more of the creative side of things where he is currently the Creative Director for X Factor, in Georgia, and also Georgia’s Got Talent from 2016.